Thursday, January 11, 2007

CISCO sues APPLE over iPhone Patent

Wow, now here are two behemoths squaring off. I am not sure who will win this, but I have to think that CISCO has a lot more cash on hand to feed the legal meter. Plus, they don't have the legacy of past legal issues. This was actually the first thing I thought of when I heard the announcement. So, it wasn't a surprise. I just couldn't imagine why Apple overlooked this...unless they were purposely doing it for the PR. I had to think there was a cheaper route though, this will get very expensive. It turns out that Apple had tried to negotiate with CISCO, but suddenly abandoned the negotiations, bolstering the argument that they are simply too arrogant or too conceited to honor others' IP rights. The executives at CISCO seem genuinely offended with Apple on this. I can't blame them. Apple seems to be banking that their coolness and public popularity will win this in the public eye and force the courts to agree. I predict it will not happen that way and it will be likely very embarrassing to Apple.

Here's the link straight from CISCO's blog:

and the Press Release:

In truth the CISCO version of the iPhone is much more valuable and trend setting than Apple's cell phone redux. Not that Apple's wont be cool. Everything at Apple is well designed and cool, though I never like that it costs more and it not very open, if at all.

If you read my previous post on the iPhone, you already know that I think Apple has made a turn the wrong way. Steve is touting a me too phone as the second coming of mobile phones. Now, it's even more clear to me that Apple has veered off its successful path and is heading down an extremely treacherous road with reckless abandon, false bravado, and too much arrogance.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

iPhone. The Crapple has hit the fan!

Well, it finally happened. Steve Jobs just made the most uncool announcement ever. crApple has jumped the shark. Been nice knowing you, but its over Steve, you're no longer cool. You're back to the geek with a perma-wedgie and broken glasses. Here's a quote (paraphrased by me) from his announcement (,7204,21037451%5E15339%5E%5Enbv%5E15306-15321,00.html):

"iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone out least when I thought of this ten years ago (sic)" Said Steve Jobs

First off, what is revolutionary? My phone has done all this for over a year. And second, I want to know more about this magic. Sounds awesome. I wonder if it's like Harry Potter magic, some kind of witchcraft, or real magic like David Spade..or...Blaine..or...Actually it should be David Spade. How did that dude get Heather Locklear to jump in the sack? I digress....

Let me see if I got the run down on features here:

  • The Multi-Touch interface means users can make calls simply by pointing at a name or number.
  • All applications can be synched with data in phonebooks or calendars
  • The phone uses the quad-band GSM standard and also features Wi-Fi and EDGE
  • The screen can shift between portrait and widescreen modes
  • The device will also offer a Google Maps application
  • The device will offer a five-hour battery life for phone and internet applications
  • It has a 2MP camera.

Whew, quite a rundown there, Steve. Does it have ring tones you can get through iTunes? I sure hope so, that would be dandy. Oh, I don't let this slip past you...5 HOUR BATTERY LIFE. In truth I love that little feature...I can shorten my work day to...i don't know...3.5 hours so I can get home in time to charge my phone.

I cannot believe just how lame this annoucement is. Truely, truely lame.

Oh, and they changed their name today from today from crApple Computer to crApple stInc.

Well, THAT I like.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sorry Mrs. C.

It seems that I have gotten my 5 year old son into some trouble at preschool. See, in our house we don't have much good to say about our pResident. In fact, we like to refer to him as pResident stupidhead. It is encouraged in our house. I like my kids to be well educated on the politics and make their own minds of course. So here's where the trouble comes in. The teacher asked my child to name some things he doesn't like: hmmm...shots, cabbage patch dolls, the backyardigans, and pResident Stupidhead, our current and beloved president. It appears that you can't call someone stupidhead in preschool though. Huh, who would have thought? They are doing some good there. I mean we can't go around spreading rumors and calling people names and think we can get ahead, can we pResident stu...I mean intellectually challanged-head?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Standing Room Only

I can't begin to count the times I've boarded the train to and from work to find barely enough room to place my feet in the door. It's usually hot and smells drift through the air. I am not complaining about any of that. What I hate is the selfish idiots who refuse to deshoulder their courier bags, or worse yet, take off their back pack. I mean every time they turn they ram somebody with their overstuffed bag. And why is these people are always carrying half their possessions anyway? Who needs to carry a tennis raquet and a skateboard to work? Wait there isn't a new sport I'm missing? Ok, good. Where was I? Oh yes, these selfish a-holes feel they are entitled to beat you and take up the space of two people so they can play skate tennis at lunch. I think I will write a friend at the county and request a ban on wearing backpacks and shouldering bags while on the train. Or, genius idea here, how about the space hogs take the pack off and put it between their legs on the floor? Show a little less contempt for others would ya?

Monday, November 15, 2004

New Urban Democrats

The Portland Mercuryr: Feature (11/11/04)

Great Article to help us regroup, find our constituency, and develop a platform from which we can win back some of the votes.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

You stupid Americans!

Have you ever had a stupid friend? I think people like having less
intelligent people around because it makes them feel better about
themselves. Maybe Americans just like having Bush around for that
reason. Frankly, I am stupified by the stupidity of the stupid people
to re-elect that stupid pResident. What are we thinking? Are we
thinking? We can't be. The world hates us, we are in a war that no one
wanted to fight since we found out it was based on lies, there is no
more voluntary soldiers for our voluntary war, we lost jobs and wealth
at an unprecedented rate in recent history, costs of health care,
education, and oil are through the roof, and 20 years of environmental
legislation have been abandoned. If you're thinking "hey, only one way
to go now, up." Think again. Now this fool does't have to worry about
being re-elected. (Unless we change that law). I fully expect more of
the same, probably worse. He doesn't care anymore whether we like him.
Remember, it was a restrained W that went on a crusade in the
middle-east. We are in danger like never before. Forget the lies about
how we'll be safer. Our foreign policy will stiffen and those in
opposition will try to retaliate. I blame stupid Americans if we are
attacked again. I blame W and cheney for scaring you idiots into voting
for them. If they steal the election, shame on them. If we re-elect
them, shame on us. Disgraceful.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Viva la France then?

US News Article |

There goes my plan. Can't I catch a break?